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space & communication

space lab was founded 2008 to solve corporate clients space issues - multiple space functions, flexibility, new ways of working & specific space image having been the top themes. multi cultural & disciplinary lab designers & architects focus on understanding client's needs and serving them friendly with experience, courage and out-of-box thinking.



office & goals

strong concept which communicates client's strategic goals is introduced to usability, functionality & budget. this process creates a successful and productive working space with the brand look of the company.​​ also digital surfaces can be introduced both to offices and commercial spaces with careful functional & brand understanding.

space LAB oy   |   luotsikatu 13   |   00160 helsinki, finland   |  
tel +358 44 734 3770   | 
Y-tunnus/VAT   FI21864051

brand & image

​​​​​a tight network of lab partners participate in the production of the actual space, as does environment friendly and 'yes we can!' attitude.



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