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architecture & real estate & visualizations
do you have under performing real estate in your hands?

we create a new concept

do you wonder why your commercial space remains vacant?

     we make it move
do you have a great idea but no means to market it?

     we visualize the potential
do you want your company's image to step into a new level?

     we offer the design package

processes & services & development
do you have a service you need to enhance?  

     we give options and solutions
do you want to bring digital services to your clients?

     we create user focused concepts
do you need a practical tool to improve in-house tasking/customer service?

     we conceptualize and design tools and best practises


services: we think, we create, we serve


workplace development, interior & office design
do you have poor office space?

      we improve it
doesn't your space communicate the image, culture or the goals of the company?

      we change it into a vital tool of communication
is your company moving soon and you need help?

      we are here - don't worry
do you need a new look to your restaurant or hotel perhaps?

      try our creativity and service skills
do you have change resistant staff?

      we have tools to help them to adapt  

space LAB oy      |  tykistönkatu 9A  |  00260 helsinki, finland  |  tel +358 40 511 7072   |  Y-tunnus/VAT FI21864051
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